Screen Printing on Clay

  • Screen Printing on Clay

Screen Printing on Clay



Explore two different techniques for getting images onto clay surfaces. Using Underglazes and colored slips. Rebecca Wysong will demonstrate and teach you different applications to achieve imagery or design on clay. 

Technique 1: Screen printing with ceramic underglazes directly onto greenware. Hear how to create your own screens for image printing, then see screen printing in action along with ways to alter the effect. 

Technique 2: Image transferring from newsprint or rice paper onto greenware. See how to transfer a reverse image drawn, painted, or slip trailed onto paper with underglazes, then transferred onto a pot. This application leaves intentional signs of transference and can be used to give the surface a range of effects like ‘antiquing’.

Materials: Students may bring a greenware pot or object with them to experiment with these techniques. Vessels or objects with at least one flat surface, as large as you’d like, but at least 4” in any direction, are best. Please make sure the pot is in a leather hard stage for best application of the techniques. 

$40 per person

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